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2nd Chakra

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2nd Chakra

Svadhisthana is the name of the 2nd chakra, which means the ‘dwelling place of the Self’. The second or Sakral chakra is located in the lower abdomen, about an inch under the navel. The organs associated with this chakra are the reproductive organs, hips, low back, kidney, sacrum and all body liquids like urine, blood, tears and menstruation.

As the 2nd chakra is deeply associated with creativity, procreation and controls all emotional and sensual things in life, all your sexual energy is located here. This is why people who have a strong 2nd chakra knowingly or unknowingly sensually attract others, like the many movie stars.

Overactive chakra can lead to a sexual addiction

In fact, people with an overactive 2nd chakra adapt sex as an attitude about life. Everything they think about, and do, revolves around sex, like a sexual addiction. The chakra can become overactive if they life in an environment with constant need for pleasurable stimulation like constant partying and entertaining and an environment of frequent emotional drama.

If the chakra is balanced, then the person leads a healthy sex life to expedite their sexual energy. However in cases where the chakra is imbalanced, or if the person grew up in an environment where their feelings were denied or suppressed, they start fearing pleasure, lose touch with their feelings and resist changing.

Color, element and gemstones of the chakra

Orange is the color of the 2nd chakra, which is very stimulating color because of its vibration energy. Concentrating on orange things help stimulate and clear any blockages you may experience in the 2nd chakra. You should wear more of orange to awaken the chakra and eat more of orange fruits like orange peppers, mango and cantaloupe.

The element of the chakra is water, which is why you have to use water in practically every healing you can think of. You should drink as much water as possible, drink as much herbal teas like hibiscus blossom or chamomile tea and bathe as much as possible.

The gemstones that help balance the chakra are garnet, carnelian, tiger’s eye, amber, citrine, moonstone, rose quartz, orange zincite, fire agate, fire opal, topaz and coral. The sense that stimulates the 2nd chakra is the sense of taste, especially a sweet taste. Consequently the foods you should eat to stimulate the chakra are orange foods, sweet foods and lots of liquids.

Balanced and imbalanced chakra

2nd Chakra

2nd Chakra

A balanced second chakra creates a strong capacity for creativity and partnerships with people. Your mind becomes balanced, that is devoid of any fears. However if the chakra is imbalanced, you start developing emotional problems related to sex.

You start developing feelings of guilt and start finding it difficult to receive without actually getting obligated. You tend to give to others out of duty, and not out of heart.

With an imbalanced chakra, you are stuck with routine as your creativity is stuck. You tend to need to sleep a lot, only to find that you don’t feel that rested when you get up as you are always at a chronic lack of energy.

To balance an imbalanced 2nd chakra, you have to concentrate, eat and wear orange colored things, do specific yoga stances, eat more of sweets and drink as much water as possible.

2nd Chakra

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