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6th Chakra

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6th Chakra

The sixth of the human body’s seven chakras is called the ‘Ajna’. This is a Sanskrit word that means ‘beyond wisdom’. The 6th chakra is located in between, and above the eyes and is often referred to as the ‘third eye’.

The Ajna is the 6th chakra that deals with telepathy, imagination, visualization and intuition. The glands and organs it controls or are connected to are the pituitary gland, head, lower brain and eyes.

‘Knowing’ or an intuitive type of knowing is the emotion related to the 6th chakra. So people with a dominant 6th chakra in themselves tend to have clairvoyant abilities. This means, they have the ability of seeing things that others can’t see.

Element, color and gemstone of the chakra

Etheric energy is the element related to the Ajna which means electrical or telepathic energy, mind principle, soul of creation and elements in their pure essence. This is the chakra associated with thought, intuition and the sixth sense, or rather knowledge and perception without using any of the 5 senses.

This explains why some people can predict unreported accidents, read another’s thoughts or send one’s thoughts to another and even predict the future.

As the colors for this 6th chakra are the spiritual colors purple and violet, wearing clothes of this color, eating fruits and vegetables of this color like grapes help in strengthening the 6th chakra. Even wearing gemstones like sapphire, purple or blue fluorite, amethyst, tourmaline, azurite and agate helps an imbalanced ajna.

Practicing mudra yoga, especially postures like the shoulder stand, the fish, such-purvak, meditation and chanting help in maintaining the balance of the chakra. Performing eye exercises, supported forward bends and positive visualization also help in strengthening the 6th chakra.

A blocked ajna chakra

People who suffer from blocked ajna chakra tend to suffer from symptoms like blindness, spinal dysfunctions, panic, poor eyesight, seizures, learning disabilities, fear of truth or confusion. Some people may also suffer from high blood pressure, sciatica, insomnia, neuralgia, a low immune system and even acute sinusitis.

6th Chakra

6th Chakra - Sixth Chakra - Thirdeye (Brow) Chakra

People suffering from any of these symptoms just have to go outside and look at the sky and set your perspectives straight. Thinking only about yourself only attracts things that will not help you grow as a person or spiritually. You have to instead let nature guide you to a higher world.

Those with an underactive 6th chakra are those overly religious people who are afraid of things that cannot be explained by logic. They become superstitious and are afraid of their own thoughts. They cannot make decisions, procrastinate about plans they make and basically do not know what they want.

On the contrary, those with an overactive ajna are not attached to the world. They find it difficult to connect and have their own set of rules and regulations they follow. Meditation is the best way to open and unblock this chakra.

However if there is too much of energy in this chakra, you may develop headaches, nightmares, hallucinations and even find it difficult concentrating on your work. However if there is a deficit of energy, you may experience poor memory, eye problems and even find it difficult to visualize things.

6th Chakra

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