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7th Chakra

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7th Chakra

‘Sahasrara’ is the Sanskrit name for the 7th chakra, which means ‘thousand fold’. This is why this chakra is represented by a 1000 petal lotus that signifies this chakra’s infinity and connections with the Divine.

This seventh chakra is located in the crown of the head and is the crown of all the 7 chakras. As this chakra connects with the infinite, it symbolizes the highest state of enlightenment. This perhaps explains the halo you find around Christ and other saints, whose spirituality in the 7th chakra is awakened.

Gemstones of the crown chakra

Cosmic consciousness, atmam or soul, spirit or thought is the 7th chakra’s element. All our thoughts and actions are controlled by our mind that creates all our belief systems. The pineal gland and upper brain are the glands and parts of the body associated with this chakra.

While the hypophysis of the pituitary gland secretes hormones to control the endocrine system, the hypothalamus connects to the central nervous system. As the thalamus plays an important part in the physical basis of consciousness, the 7th chakra is considered to be the chakra of consciousness and the master of all chakras.

While violet is the common color associated with this color, the combination of all colors white is also associated to the chakra. The reason for this is perhaps because the sahasrara is a culmination of all the other chakras in the body.

The seventh chakra can be strengthened wearing gemstones like amber, diamond, tanzanite, iolite, pyrite, amethyst or serpentine. Meditation helps in clearing and quiets the mind in preparation of experiencing the Divine. This is why this is the best yogic practice for the 7th chakra. Even yogic postures like the fish, seated yoga mudra, the shoulder stand and chanting all help in strengthening the 7th chakra.

A blocked sahasrara chakra

Mystical depression, skeletal and muscular system diseases, chronic exhaustion that is not related to any physical problems, laziness, migraine headaches, poor self-control and sensitivity to light are some of the common symptoms of a blocked 7th chakra.

In case the crown chakra gets misaligned, it can lead to spiritual poverty, self centeredness, low energy all the time and poor reality control. You also find it difficult to concentrate with intention and think clearly about things. This leads to the absence of future goals, so much that even thinking about the next day proves to be stressful to them.

Open crown chakra

The lucky people with an open crown chakra exhibit total selflessness and can clearly think and express themselves to others. Everything seems to be one to those with an open crown chakra while dreams grow powerful. In fact, the energy of fire is exceptionally strong in people who have an open crown chakra.

7th Chakra

7th Chakra - Seventh Chakra - Crown Chakra

Though it may be difficult to believe, those with a strong and balanced seventh chakra seem to glow white light that surrounds their body. These people agree that they have changed forever like a rebirth after opening not only the 7th chakra, but all the chakras starting from the 1st one. They gradually and consciously go through and open each chakra to finally open the lotus flower on the top of their head on reaching the crown chakra.

7th Chakra Information

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