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Chakra Symbols

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Chakra symbols

The seven chakras of the human body each control independent glands and organs of the body. These chakras include the throat chakra, heart chakra and the crown chakra and all the seven chakras are aligned along the spine.

These chakras emit energy that helps with the functioning of its respective glands and organs. It is important that the chakras are always in balance for it to effectively control its glands and organs.

Each chakra has its own color, its own chakra stone and its own chakra symbol to identify with. The chakra symbols are depicted in different colors and shapes. The colors of the symbols are generally the color the chakras are related to. The reason for the difference in color and shape in between the chakra symbols is to make distinguishing one chakra from another easy.

The chakra symbols have intricate geometrical designs that vary from one chakra to another but are all based on a lotus flower. Within this design, you find some writings in Sanskrit with one or more vowels in them which gives a meaning to the chakra and chakra symbol.

Meaning of the Sanskrit vowels on the individual chakras

The meaning of the Sanskrit vowel on the root chakra is ambition while the meaning for the Sanskrit vowel on the sacral chakra is desire. The solar plexus has a Sanskrit vowel that means virtue.

The meaning of the Sanskrit vowel on the heart chakra symbols is compassion and that of the throat chakra is reflection. The third eye chakra has a Sanskrit vowel on its chakra symbol that means perception while the crown chakra symbol’s meaning is realization.

How chakra symbols are used

As each of these chakra symbols have individual meanings and significance based on the individual chakras, many people like wearing clothes with chakra symbols embellished on them. If not clothing, some people even keep pictures of these chakra symbols with them at all times to ensure the chakra attributes remain in their mind to induce better balance and higher energy levels in their bodies.

Besides, chakra symbols mandalas are used by therapists to help focus on the individual attributes of the body, mind and spirit. The chakra symbols mandalas when focused on, tend to help in triggering growth and healing in the mind by connecting with the energy that the individual chakras resonate. This is best done using the help of a chart symbol chart where you find the chart symbols mandalas clearly printed on them.

Chakra Symbols

Chakra Symbols and Their Meanings

Tattoos of chakra symbols

To get the maximum from their chakras, there are some people who go to the extent of tattooing a few or all the chakra symbols on their spine. Some even have serpents surrounding the mandalas to give more symbolism to the chakras.

Whichever method one employs to keep their focus on chakra symbols, by focusing on chakra symbols and keeping them in focus at all times, it is possible to balance our energy centers and in the process, even reach the goals related to these energies.

Chakra Symbols

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